Studio A is moving to a new location!

Exciting news:

After 20 years of activity we felt it was time for a change!

From 2019 you will find us at our new location in Östermalm, Storgatan 18!

New Salvatori textures

Last spring during the Milan Design week,  Salvatori introduced their new products and textures.

We now have some big samples here at our showroom:

CNC in Pietra D´Avola

TATAMI in Silk Georgette

STONE PARQUET in Crema D´Orcia

The textures  are available in different stones.

Salvatori is an award-winning Italian design company specialized in natural stone, and renowned for its innovative and elegant products. The headquarters are based in Tuscany just a few kilometres from the Carrara marble quarries. From stone textures for walls and floors, to bathroom products and home accessories like tables and lighting, Salvatori has become a global landmark in the natural stone field.

Dica bathtub

We want to introduce you to this marvelous piece which is one of the latest arrivals in our showroom: this bathtub from Dica.Its sinuous shape and simplicity contribute to make it a real elegant element without compromise on comfort and functionality.

It´s made of a material called Solid that is made in Italy, it´s a composite material caractherized by high performance chemical and mechanical properties. It´s a homogeneuos material with uniformity throughout its thickness.

Available in two different dimensions it´s the perfect solution for both big and tiny bathrooms.

Dada Kitchen

We start 2018  with a really big news. We are really proud to introduce you DADA Kitchen.

Since 1979 Dada has been part of Gruppo Molteni, a leader in the Italian furniture industry, whose items are ideated by designers with international experience, like Vincent Van Duysen, Luca Meda, Dante Bonuccelli and Ferruccio Laviani, Nicola Gallizia.

The families of products differentiate in terms of look, finishing and materials, but they all share the high quality Dada has achieved knowledge for during the past decades and its typical sober and sophisticated style. Every single detail is carefully designed, the combination of innovation, functionality, aesthetic and technology, is the result of deep research and testing, carried out in cooperation with architects and designers.